I have learned so much about myself in my walk with God throughout my life so far,  I've gone through many seasons of refinement where God has shaped and moulded me into who He has created me to be.

I just wanted to encourage you today as you read this, that no matter what it is that you may be going through in life, no matter how difficult the task ahead may seem, no matter how many times you've given up and thrown in the towel - DON'T GIVE UP!! Pick yourself up and dust yourself off - God is right there in the thick of things with you. Just like He was with the three godly Jews Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, they were SUPER CONFIDENT that God will deliver them from the hand of King Nebuchadnezzer and  the burning fiery furnace!! (Daniel 3 16-18) and GOD did just that!! We serve a God that knows no LIMITS!! There is absolutely NOTHING that our God can't intervene in! He can turn what we may deem as an end into a BRAND NEW BEGINNING. I encourage you today to hand everything over to God - TRUST and have FAITH that He is working things out for your GOOD! Lean into Him in your weak moments, for it is then that God's STRENGTH is perfected in us. Remember we serve a LIMITLESS God - that makes us Limitless too!!

God Bless your Day & Make A Difference

Team MAD

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