I Am Loved By The King

I Am Loved By The King

How amazing is it to be loved by God? That was my very question as I woke to another day of brilliant sunshine on a cold winter's day, to know that God has woken me up to see a new day, it feels so good and I feel so blessed, don't you?

In John 3:16, the Bible says 'For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life'. This is one of the most well known scriptures in the Bible! It is recited all around the world by those young and old!

"Jesus loves me" is the central affirmation of the Christian faith and the cornerstone of the nature of God.

When God says I love you, He is saying that you matter to Him. You are a person of worth and great value to Him. Regardless of what others think and regardless of what they may say, in God's Eyes you are wonderful.

And that's so amazing, isn't it? God knows us and still loves us. He knows that we are sinners, yet He forgives; we are diseased, yet He heals; we are in a pit, yet He pulls us out. God is so merciful and kind! God's love for us is beyond comprehension and for that alone, I am very very grateful.

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